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Tesla ranks as the latest revolutionary car brand in the automobile industry. It has premium features that reflect a completely digitized automobile. It is made for everyone from old to young and is reputed for delivering classy performance. Where Tesla takes the lead however, is that the strength of its innovation rests on environmental friendliness which continues to endear it to its many fans.

Tesla has a full autonomous feature that can maintain speed on highways and change lanes by themselves. It has a HEPA filter called Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode that protects users from contaminants or bacteria seeping into the vehicle. You can also retrieve a Tesla remotely, telling the car to move backward or forward using the smartphone app or the key fob. This makes it super easy to get it inside a garage or retrieve it from any spot.

Tesla models have an interior styling that is vegan friendly. Most luxury cars around have a leather interior, no matter how little. Only a few like Tesla are vegan friendly. Tesla has superchargers that make it stand from other electric cars. With a Tesla, you can add over 150 miles range capacity by charging an empty battery in just 30mins of charging. Also, there’s an online update system that allows you to update your Tesla regularly.

Here are some Tesla models in our stock:

2020 Tesla Model S

This Tesla Model was introduced in 2012. It surpasses the electric sedan and switches up with an attractive and fun poise.

It comes with long range and performance power, dual-motor and all-wheel drive. It has a legendary interior, but minimalist. For infotainment, there’s a massive screen that merges with the luxury you find in a sedan. The trims are capable of quick upgrade and have a full self driving capability.

It has an engine and powertrain that independently provides power to the wheel, plus the engines run on a single speed transmission.


2020 Tesla Model 3

This model was released in 2017, and it was a statement that Tesla can be affordable and accessible, even if they are luxurious and Sedan. It comes in three trims long range, standard range plus and performance.

The Standard Range Plus uses a one electric motor with a rear-wheel drive. The Performance and Long Range trims use double electric motors for all-wheel drive configuration. It also has a full self driving functionality at a cost effective price.

2020 Tesla Model X

The Model X was first released in 2012 as a prototype, but later fully unveiled in 2015. It offers a degree of sedan type luxury that is much like the SUV. It has an insane horsepower, innovative technology, incredible performance and feature sets.

It has falcon wing doors and ultra-low gravity centre, making it an outstanding electronic vehicle in the SUV area. Add full self driving functionality to the question, plus upgrades to a seven-seat or six-sear interior and you have more than a treasure on your hands.

2020 Tesla Model Y

This is a star product from Tesla’s showroom. The model offers a standout segment that balances the sale dominance of SUV with CUV’s luxurious features.

Tesla Model Y from its first release has received warm reception from the automobile market. It is based on the Model 3, meaning that it checks the boxes for standard performance, long range and stylish interiors and exteriors.

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