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When you take a look at Jaguar, the first thing that comes to your mind is superlative quality. With a history of creating classy automobiles with sterling performance, Jaguar is in a class of its own. They use the best and most durable materials to create their vehicles without compromise to class, comfort, affordability and style. It has a horsepower and torque that offer a refined and thrilling driving experience. This makes them high-end.

They have a cabin that switches up with touchscreen and premium infotainment systems, keeping you abreast of the latest going-ons and giving you a slash of maximum entertainment. Just at a finger swipe.

Apart from a luxury audio experience, Jaguar offers a climate control that is automatic and dual-zone. It has a keyless entry as part of its interior and features for driver’s assistance such as parking assistance and blind-spot monitoring.

Here are some Jaguar models in our stock:

Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK is a star version of Jaguar products. The XK came to replace older versions of Jaguar such as XK8 and XK8 in 2016. It was exhibited in 2005 at an Auto Show in America. It is beautifully styled, has powerful engines, and made of aluminium.

It has a V8 of 4.2 litre and a torque that eats up miles as you cruise on with in-built infotainment systems. It is a far better improvement on the XK versions of old, so you would be getting a highly smart vehicle when you choose this one.


Jaguar E-type

This is a Jaguar legend, and a highly famous automobile. First exhibited at the 1961 Motor Show in Geneva, this model is simply drop-dead gorgeous, long and sleek. It has a 270P S, a 150mph top speed and six engines of 3.8 litres capacity each. It has a classic interior and carefully styled exterior and an oomph force that catches the fancy of any onlooker.

Jaguar F-Type Project 7

Apart from having all the basic outstanding features of Jaguar, this model has a big engine in addition to a rear wheel drive behind is an F-type convertible that reminds you of the 1950s D-type. The body is almost completely aluminium with “Aero Haunch” at the back where the driver’s head is placed.

With brakes that are carbon-ceramic, rear and front bumpers, and a rear wing that’s chunky and, you can rest assured of safety, durability and superlative performance.

Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

This bright blue with 5.0 litre supercharged estate drive is an outstanding model from Jaguar. Its engine is 550PS V8 decked underneath the bonnet to take you any mile in style.

This model takes us into the bold and creative mind of the Jaguar designers. It has superb interior styling and premium infotainment systems. The XFR-S is as powerful as Mercedes E63, and catches up with Audi in terms of precision. Its top speed performance will get your exhaust banging like naval guns. It boasts a huge, comfortable jag, eight speed gearbox and torque worth 680Nm that will comfortably swallow up miles in style, gait and presence.

Let’s get you your money’s worth. Reach out to us for any enquiries you have.

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