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Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, commonly referred to as BMW is a German multinational company that produces luxury motorcycles and vehicles. The first thing you notice about a BMW is its stellar performance. It is sporty, luxurious and offers a fantastic cruising experience.

Attention to detail is what marks off BMW as a standard car choice. From the weight distribution to responsive steering, BMW designs with performance as top priority. Its powerful engines offer acceleration, smooth shifting and boosting response. It easily swallows curves and covers miles with style.

The company commits extra time to designing comfort and style. It helps you make a bold statement as you pull up into the party. It epitomizes wealth and sophistication, with a variety of models, packages, trims, features and benefits. This means it has a high end pricing profile.

Here are some of the BMW models in our stock.

BMW 218d

This is a diesel alternative of the BMW 218i. If you want the pure economy BMW, this is your first stop. It has a turbo that’s always ready to haul up the steep hills. It offers amazing dynamics to enjoy, and it’s your best choice for weekend escapes.


For fans of the BMW, its 2018 model offers new platforms, up-to-date tech in its interior and exterior and a powerful engine.
If anything, the BMW X3 incorporates customer feedback as it boasts a noticeable and user-friendly experience. An example is the digitizer instrument cluster, displays of the top view camera in front that comes on when you’re parking.

These details make for a unique cruising experience. It has a split screen that shows top and rear view during reverse parking, and also switches to top rear view when you move closer to an object. BMX is essentially more user focused and styled with the users in mind.

BMW 330e

Think of a Toyota Prius but only with loads more powerful rear-wheel drive, engine power and more fuel economy. It’s an iperformance model cannot be ignored. For example, it burns 2.1L/100km, whereas a closer substitute Prius is 3.4L/100k.

BMW 520d

This features a turbo-engine diesel that’s economical, and this makes it a perfect choice for cross country trips. It has a high luxury level and promises a fun ride anytime. There’s also a big screen for iDrive media, several functional and ornamental buttons that power every facility designed to give you a fantastic ongoing experience. It has an economical fuel profile, there’s no need for routine visits to petrol stations.


BMW X6 is the four-door coupe variant of X5. X6 is the first of its kind to have this kind of body makeup, followed by Mercedes Benz and Audi.
It’s much like the X5 but without a lesser cargo capacity and more sporty exterior styling to keep it distinct from other cars on the highways. It has many luxury and standard features and you have a wide array of trim levels and engines to choose from.

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