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Audi is a premium brand that prides in excellent performance and quality anytime. Behind the wheels, you will understand just why Audi is so popular. It’s a high end vehicle, packed with technology and innovation, all features intact to deliver outstanding performance and luxury.

Audi is not the cheapest in the market, but whatever the price tag is, you are getting a high return on your investment with fantastic features and delivery.

If you love a model that makes you look stylish as you ride on, then Audi is your best pick. Audi has trendy models for everyone. The high-level performance and horsepower makes Audi an easy favourite.

Here are some Audi models in our stock.

Audi A7

Audi A combines the Audi A6 features with sporty performance. It adds more elegance and shows off completely different rear ends and front view, sophisticated detailing and a classy gait that give it a solid presence on the highway.

It has a clean interior, carefully styled with premium quality fitting and digital displays to keep you entertained.


Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 sits between the Q7 and Q3, poised with elegant styling and its unique driving dynamics. It’s made for both young and old. Its SUVs are a great choice if you want an outstanding road presence. They have a somewhat uncanny ability to perform excellently on roads that haven’t been sealed.

Its interior is luxuriously-styled with excellent ergonomics. You can easily take this model down to the beach and you can also use it to take a long haul between capital cities. If you’re ever going to make a choice on horsepower, torque and road performance, the Q5 easily stands out.

Audi RS7

It is fashioned after the coupe A7 with four doors, but a sleeker variant of the A6. It has a performance level that makes it an S6 with notches higher. It has a swooping roof and elegant body, with an interior that levels up the luxury you find in S6.

Called the grand tourer, this model is designed to give you a comfortable and luxurious travel experience. It has a performance level that shoots high and easily trumps closer competitors both in the German autobahns and Italian autostrade. But with only little effort. This is all thanks to its robust road presence and sterling horsepower.

Audi TT

This is simply stylish. It has a two-door coupe for fans of motoring, luxury and fun. You can have the model with the roof on it or without the roof. Anyhow you get it, you’re in for a total cruising experience. It has several models and varieties to choose from, from moderately fast to super fast.

It has a cool interior that is packed with sophisticated smarts like a complete digital dash. It offers so much comfort both driver and passenger will feel they’re in a suite of a moving five-star lodge. It has a sporty driving position that creates excitement as you comb through the cities. Because this is Audi, you can rest assured that a sleek exterior is an always an outstanding feature, but balanced with a simple look.

Let’s get you your money’s worth. Reach out to us for any enquiries you have.

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