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Searching the market for a luxury car? Then a Mercedes-Benz should be on your list of automobiles to consider. Why’s this so?

Mercedes gives you world class performance

Mercedes-Benz combines horsepower, top speed and torque. It is designed and engineered for a total driving experience. It combines excellent performance with fantastic ride experience, handling, safety, fuel economy and entertainment. All these factors combine to give you a perfect driving experience.

Top-grade Luxury

From setting your feet into the driver’s seat, the first thing that catches your eyes is the sense of luxury. There’s plush carpeting, premium upholstery, sleek styling, LED lighting, polished wood and an amazing array of infotainment options. The scent welcomes you into the finer things of life.

Premium Safety

For more than six decades and counting, Mercedes-Benz engineers continue to take the lead in automotive safety. The car company is holistic in its approach to safety. It considers the vehicle’s survivability, driver behaviour, driving environment and situational awareness. In achieving this, it uses infrared cameras, stereoscopic cameras, lasers and strong computer programs.

Elite Service

Mercedes-Benz takes its reputation seriously, so it is always intentional about building superior automobiles. This also includes a dealer experience that satisfies your car needs. They make efforts to exceed customer expectations, while placing superior performance and convenience at the helm of their priorities.

Made For Everyone

Mercedes-Benz understands that there are different drivers having different preferences and needs. So, it has created an array of automobiles that matches every driver’s taste. It has multiple trims for every model with several options you can access for an optimal Mercedes-Benz experience. At Joe Penny, we understand that you deserve luxury and convenience, so here are some of the Mercedes products we have available.

Mercedes Benz Vito

Vans come to mind when you think of delivery drivers and courier. Think dinner suits and golf clubs? Then Mercedes Benz easily comes to mind. But how about having a mix of a van, dinner and golf? Think Vito.

It has all a commercial van can offer: a powerful diesel engine, large size loading doors and more than enough cargo space. For the driver, it promises premium comfort, maneuverability and great steering.


Mercedes Benz Valente

This car fits between commercial van Vito and the more luxurious V-Class. Much like Volkswagen Multivan and Toyota Tarago, this car is a family mover with touches of elegance and sophistication. It has 8 full-sized seats which means there’s plenty of room for a family going for a weekend outing. Want a high class wagon with a carefully styled gait? You should check out the Mercedes Benz Valente.

Mercedes Benz A180

The A-Class Mercedes Benz may pass for a junior model in a German carmaker’s gallery, but it offers much more. It has safety, premium comfort and style. It has a voice command, digitized dash display, 64 interior lighting colours, amongst others. It is a great choice for those with a busy lifestyle.

The A180 offers powerful turbo engines, designed with economy and power being considered. If you like some adrenaline rush while eating up miles, this car will offer you that roller coaster excitement.

Mercedes Benz GLA 180

Want a small SUV fashioned like A-Class Benz? Choose GLA 180. It is top shelf Mercedes Benz design and offers luxury, style and compact performance. It is a powerful sporty package that tops the list for commendable cruising experience. It has a smartphone integration that guarantees quality infotainment. Let’s get you your money’s worth. Reach out to us for any enquiries you have.

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