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Joe Penny

We are a leading car dealership company offering the best services in the whole of Australia.

Our team of happy and highly experienced experts are on standby to help you with getting the best buy that suits your car needs. We have been in business for over 20 years, and year after year, our clientele continues to grow. This is all thanks to our top-grade car dealership services designed to meet all your demands. When you reach out to our company for your car needs, you can rest assured that you would be getting the best value for your money. Whether you want to buy from us or sell to us, Joe Penny is your one-stop shop for super amazing deals.

Row of New Cars

New Cars

At Joe Penny, we understand that getting new cars is sometimes challenging. This is typically the case when you’re not sure whether you can pay for it completely or over a given period. We also understand that you deserve to get that new car, regardless of whatever reasons or challenges you may have.
Hand holding the keys over photo blurred of used car for open the door car,

Used Cars

Getting a new car may not be what you need at a given time. We understand that a used car can sometimes serve a better purpose. This could be because you want to buy a car that will meet your needs without spending much, or concerns about buying a durable car that has been tested to last long. Whatever it is, we’ve got you.
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Our car dealership service offers you a smooth experience. Our company operates in a way that puts your peace of mind and comfort as our priority. We also help you match your needs with the best value your money can buy. We do not compromise your features, so we will give you a car that meets your required specifications.


At Joe Penny, we understand that getting a car is demanding and expensive. This is especially where you cannot afford to pay the full car price at once. So, sometimes you desire a car because it suits your specific car needs, but you’re unable to afford that car because of financial obligations attached to that car. If you cannot afford that car of your choice, there are various ways to go about it.

Chattel Mortgage

Before a financier will agree to a property being used as a security, the financier will evaluate the property to be sure it quantifies the loan you are getting.


Insuring your car will help you cut away from unnecessary car expenses while helping you enjoy maximal benefits from your car. The importance of car insurance cannot be overstated. Among many other reasons, it puts you in a better position when you’re faced with unforeseen circumstances.


One of our strongest points as a company is how we understudy the market, pre-empt your demand and incorporate them into the array of amazing offers, all to meet your needs. From BMW, Porsche, Audi, Maserati, Jaguar to Tesla, we have products suited to meet your needs and budget.

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