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New Cars

Buying a New Car

At Joe Penny, we understand that getting a new car can pose a challenge. This is often the case when you worry about paying over a given period of time or when you don’t have all the money required to buy the car. Regardless, you still desire to get the car, perhaps because it’s your first car and you simply want it to be a new one. Like you, we also love the feel of a new car and the scent of newness. Whatever your reasons may be, it’s important that you’re aware of the relevant facts in buying a car and you’re good to go. To get the best car for your money, we advise that you procure the services of a broker in purchasing your car. Brokers are experts with a robust understanding of cars and car purchases. They help you match your car needs with the best deals, while placing your maximum satisfaction as the priority.

Choosing your New Car

There are several options available to choose from when you’re about to get a new car. There are different kinds of cars in the market, and it’s important that you’re discrete about choosing the car that best satisfies your needs. As such, unless there’s a specific kind of car you want to buy, your best bet to getting a new car is to research new cars. There are several new cars produced and ready to sell, but not all of them can satisfy your needs.

Researching new cars is essential to getting premium value for your money. It offers you insight into how the cars operate and helps you sort through available options in the market. This way, you’re able to spot the new cars that specifically meet your needs. In end, you get to make smart decisions when getting your new car


Why Should You Buy a New Car

One of the advantages you get from buying our new cars is the freedom to choose in terms of paint colour, spec level, engine and options. This is just a few of what you stand to gain when you buy new cars from us. You enjoy a wide range of options and made-to-fit buying experience.

Another reason why new cars are desirable is that you get the full manufacturer’s warranty. It is important that you get not only a car but also a sort of warranty in exchange for the bulk of your money you’re spending to get it from us. Some of our car manufacturers offer about seven years of warranty. This could be equal to the number of years you would be using the car for. We understand the importance of your peace of mind and such warranties help us achieve that.

You should also buy our new cars because they offer the best technology. This helps you cut out the cost of upgrading your used cars. It also keeps you in tune with the latest automobile tech such as driver assist, car safety tech, infotainment etc.

Our new cars also offer access to low interest rates, squeaky clean and free from any kind of damage or wear.

Let’s get you your money’s worth. Reach out to us for any enquiries you have.

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