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At Joe Penny, we provide premium and comprehensive service for every car our customers buy from our company. We have been doing this for over 20 years now, and this has remained the backbone of our service offerings.

In servicing your car, we start the process by examining your oil filters and then replacing it where it needs to be. We check your coolant, radiator and entire cooling system to be sure they’re all working at their best levels.

We also check your battery clamps for corrosion signs, and then check the terminals. After this, the next place is the wiper blades, but we also look at your washer and examine them to ensure they’re in an optimal condition.

We look at the exhaust – we thoroughly inspect it to check for signs of damage. This is the same for the fluid leaks in which case we document reports and note down possible repairs. But before this, we also check internal and external lights, testing if they operate optimally and to identify possible damage.

With our magnifying glass, we examine important parts like steering and suspension because these keys functions drive top level performance in a car. The same procedure applies to tailshaft, driveshaft and wheel bearings. We investigate them to ensure they’re fully operational. We also check out both interior and exterior features like the horns, odometer and central locking. These also undergo meticulous inspection.

We check your tyre and provide a comprehensive report on the load rating premium, wear estimate, condition and size. We confirm that the tyre’s pressure is in tune with specific manufacturer’s requirements. We check the brakes too and confirm that they’re fully functional.

We also investigate whether there’s wear and tear on the pad and confirm that the clutch’s fluid is in a moderate condition. We check the fluid conditions of the brakes, looking at their drums, lines and fluid. This is to ensure that that vehicle can stop and slow down as you direct it to. Key parts like the wing mirrors, bonnets, boots and all other vital exterior parts go through a test to confirm that they’re truly functional. We also confirm that there are no unusual leaks, noises or smells, and this is via thorough investigation.

We check for possible latent defects in every part of the car, from the air-conditioning filter to the seat belts. We ensure that your car is in optimal condition.


What if A Part Needs Fixing or Replacing

If a problem surfaces while servicing your car, we have experts in servicing that are available and happy to guide through the process of fixing it. Joe Penny has serviced over 25,000 cars in Australia, and this is because of the flexibility we operate with. The model or brand doesn’t matter, we will get the car into full working condition.

Our service covers:
• Express servicing ( taking about one hour)
• Genuine parts and servicing
• Trained experts armed with the latest technology for diagnostics
• Dedicated advisors to provide exhaustive details and your car service profile.

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